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This “Queen” mushroom of “immortality” and “spiritual potency” is a powerful immune modulator, cardiotonic, hormone balancer, and nervine tonic that nurtures/nourishes/protects the shen (consciousness, the heart, and soul seat in Traditional Chinese Medicine) for supreme mind-body-spirit harmony.

Long term consumption of Reishi mushrooms can lighten the body and prevent aging, and extend one's life. Our reishi is grown on Duanwood  (“original wood') logs, where reishi grows naturally, producing the best and highest quality reishi with the most bioactive constituents available.

>25% Beta-glucans

Add one serving to any warm tea, milk, coffee. Take daily or as needed. *



Pin Yin: Ling Zhi
English: Reishi Mushroom
Latin: Ganoderma Lucidum
Properties: sweet, slightly bitter
Channels: Heart, Liver, and Lung
Key Characteristics: Tonifies qi, nourishes the blood. Calms the spirit, augments the Heart qi, Tonifies the heart blood.
Indications: Insomnia, palpitations with anxiety, fright, weakened immune system.


Research: Reishi for Breast Cancer Antioxidant and Liver Protective Effects DNA protective Effects of Reishi Reishi Protection against Gut Inflammation



  • Please make sure lid is on securely
  • Store in cool, dry place
  • Do not use a wet or moist spoon to get powder out
  • Once opened, use within 2-4 months
  • Herbs stay fresh until expiration date, but once lid and seal have been removed, use the contents of the jar within 4 months.

Duanwood Reishi

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