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Bio Individual Nutrition

Reconnect the mind & body with a holistic & integrative approach to energize your spirit. Finding balance amongst the chaos can be hard, but I empower you to go beyond the roots to rediscover your potential growth within the branches. 

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Nutritional Therapy

Balancing the body & mind is an essential element for lifelong health.  
Working together to incorporate healthy eating habits, more movement, and habitual lifestyle changes by creating an individualized plan to achieve your goals is important.
By offering a holistic and functional approach we will develop your emotional and physical wellbeing.
Your dietary goals are a fundamental part of the journey. When you realize the power of the whole person, true healing begins to happen.
The foundations that I work with are the following:

Fatty Acid Profile
Blood Sugar (metabolic flexibility)
Vitamins & Minerals
Sleep, Stress, & Movement
Immune & Endocrine Response
Cardiovascular, Brain, & Nervous System

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Addiction Nutrition

We have come a long way in the research and development of sugar addiction and that our food choices matter. When biochemical imbalances in the brain & body lead us astray, we find it harder and harder to make the right food choices for our body.  We've shifted to deficiencies and irregular food patterns that are no longer seasonal or bioavailable in the body. When the body is experiencing an imbalance it could result in high blood pressure, blood sugar dysregulation, obesity, anxiety, depression, acne, diabetes, decreased immune response, poor sleep, and so much more. If you have yo-yo dieted all your life and could never figure out how to stabilize your overall health, you may have an underlying food addiction. Many who have walked the path of an eating disorder found themselves struggling to harness their health long term. This can be a scary thing to hear, but there are so many others who struggle and many who are now in recovery. 

Bioenergetic Testing

Our bodies are energy. We are constantly creating and using energy. When it comes to our own health and wellness it can be challenging to pinpoint what is causing the inflammation in our gut, the increased cravings, interrupted sleep patterns, painful joints, and so much more. Using the bodies energetic patterns, we can learn more about where in the body we see these imbalances. Bioenergeetic testing gives us an additional tool beyond recognizing the symptoms that you may be experiencing. By looking for what imbalances are stressed within the body we can remediate by using supplements, foundational nutrition, lifestyle changes, habits, and more.

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Labs & Testing


Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis

This non-invasive testing modality helps us to see potential loss of minerals, heavy metals, oxidative stress, metabolic dysfunction, adrenal stress, and more.


This kit will be mailed directly to you, directions included. Upon receiving the results, it will be worked into your recommendations session. Retesting is encouraged for best results.


Ask about adding this testing during our FREE Introductory call.

Blood Sample

Blood Labs

We can learn more about how blood labs can show us imbalances within the bodies systems, all the way down to the cellular level. We compare this with other testing or lab modalities to find and tailor your results to your nutritional recommendations. 

Objective testing can give us a glimpse into what the organs in our body are doing; whether it be inflammatory markers, metabolic dysfunction, or enzymatic activity.


Need to order supplements? I have Fullscript, Wellevate, & Codeage available for anyone who wants to place an order. Use the appropriate link below to set up an account.



Your online dispensary for supportive supplements sent right to your door.

Herbal Medicine


Your online dispensary for supportive supplements sent right to your door.



Combining ancient techniques and modern approaches to provide a holistic environment.



Sarah is an exceptional coach. I couldn't have asked for anyone better on my journey to lead a healthier life. She is always available to answer any and all questions and cheer me on with the edge of honesty. It is very obvious that she has done her research and has copious amounts of compassion for what she does! I was lucky to find her . 10/10 recommend her to anyone looking to do better if your reading this and on the fence about changing your life - this is your sign - you can do it, take the leap.


Thanks for joining me on this journey!


1220 Timber Drive East #1040, Garner, NC, USA


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